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The path to success is littered with obstacles - plan on kicking stuff out of your way if you intend to succeed.

Hello, and welcome to my virtual CV.    To date, I've flown 37 different aircraft types all over the world.  I'm currently a Boeing 767 Captain (corporate social media policies prevent me from disclosing which airline).  I was previously a Boeing 747-400 Captain, and have piloted the smallest Ultralight and 35 other aircraft types between it and the iconic, Jumbo.

I keep active but don't have much patience for gyms and their membership bullshit. When it's possible I'll ride my bicycle as opposed to driving and I advocate public transportation. Don't read more into that than I've told you. I'm not a liberal and have owned a few Harleys and Muscle Cars (the real 60s and 70s types). I also enjoy biking & snow skiing, sailing & scuba diving, wood & metalwork, Guns & Archery, and mechanical tinkering & building stuff. When I'm not flying I run a car shop (link coming soon).

On a more academic note, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to a book about the iconic Boeing 747.  

Whether flying, or the many other things I've done when the airline business was in turmoil - Auto Mechanic, Welder, Furniture maker, Truck Driver, Writer for a Magazine, Navy Seaman, Drummer in an R & R Band, Ski Instructor, Bartender, Waiter, Cook, Restaurant Manager, and a few others - I've had a life full of great successes, as well as a few miserable failures. There have been moments of great pride, together with instances of horrific regret and embarrassment. There's a lengthy list of people to whom I owe so much.  

What's next? Who knows. Each day's a new chapter in my adventure. This site contains some of the stories. Enjoy the read.

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