Paul Jeeves

my awesome adventure

The path to success is littered with obstacles - plan on kicking stuff out of your way if you intend to succeed.

I was nine when I became interested in airplanes.  After High School, I embarked on a career as an Aircraft Engineer but soon learned that flying them was cleaner than fixing them.  So, I earned my pilot's license, gained some experience as a Flight Instructor, became a Bush Pilot and ultimately a Boeing 747 Captain.  

Although the 747 is absolutely the feather in my cap, between my first airplane and the ‘jumbo,’ are 37 different airplane types - and that number seems to continue growing.  

Aside from flying I enjoy biking & snow skiing, sailing, scuba, wood & metalwork, shooting, mechanical tinkering, and building stuff.

On a more academic note, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to a book about the iconic Boeing 747.  

To make a long story short, I’ve had a life full of great successes, as well as a few miserable failures. There have been moments of great pride, together with instances of horrific regret.  

What happens next?  Who knows, but the adventure continues.

Paul Jeeves...

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