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Summary of Flight Time (May 2022)

Total Hours               24319

Pilot-in-Command     21921

Multi-Engine               22852

Jet/Turbine               20628

Certificates Held

Canada          ATPL     Single and Multi Engine (Ratings:  B757, B767, BE10, BE20, BE90, EA32, EA33, PA42)

USA           ATPL     Single and Multi Engine (Ratings:  A320, CE-500, SA-227)

UK**          ATPL     Multi Engine (Ratings:  A330)

Vietnam          ATPL     Multi Engine (Ratings:  A320 & A330)

Seychelles     ATPL     Multi Engine (Ratings:  A320)

Saudi Arabia     ATPL     Multi Engine (Ratings:  A330)

Pakisan          ATPL     Multi Engine (Ratings:  A330)

China          ATPL     Multi Engine (Ratings:  (A330 & B747-400)

Singapore     ATPL     Multi Engine (Ratings:  A320 & A330)