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The path to success is littered with obstacles - plan on kicking stuff out of your way if you intend to succeed.

I'm a father, a husband, and an airline Pilot. To date, I've flown 37 different aircraft types all over the world. Recently, I was a Boeing 747-400 Captain but have also piloted the smallest Ultralight and 35 other aircraft types in between. Currently, I'm a Boeing 767 Captain (corporate social media policies prevent me from disclosing which airline). 

I keep active but don't have much patience for gyms and their membership bullshit. When it's possible I'll ride my bicycle as opposed to driving, and I advocate public transportation. Don't read more into that than I've told you. I'm not a liberal and have owned a few Harleys and Muscle Cars (the real 60s and 70s types). I also enjoy biking & snow skiing, sailing & scuba diving, wood & metalwork, Guns & Archery, and mechanical tinkering & building stuff. When I'm not flying I run a car shop (link coming soon).

Of a more academic nature, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to a book about the iconic Boeing 747.  

Whether flying, or the many other things I've done when the airline business was in turmoil - Auto Mechanic, Welder, Furniture maker, Truck Driver, Writer for a Magazine, Navy Seaman, Drummer in an R & R Band, Ski Instructor, Bartender, Waiter, Cook, Restaurant Manager, and a few others - I've had a life full of great successes, as well as a few miserable failures. There have been moments of great pride, together with instances of horrific regret and embarrassment. There's a lengthy list of people to whom I owe so much.  

What's next? Who knows. Each day's a new chapter in my adventure. This site contains some of the stories. Enjoy the read.

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