Paul Jeeves

my awesome adventure

Hours spent in the cockpit reading the newpaper or playing games on your phone, do not count as experience.

This page in under construction.  When finished it will contain details of the following memorable events:

1. 1983 Engine failure due to contaminated fuel with forced landing in a farming field in Surrey, BC Canada.  Single Engine Aircraft with Student onboard.

2. 1985 Engine failure due to fuel system malfunction with 180-degree turn back to runway at Vancouver International Airport.  Singe Engine Aircraft.  Single pilot.

3. 1988 Prop governor failure in cargo aircraft resulting in engine shutdown and diversion.   I was a Line Instructor conducting a captain upgrade on an FO.  Timmins, Ontario, Canada.

4. 1988 Building my own runway after landing in sand at airport with very poorly reported runway conditions.  King Air 200.  Northern Ontario, Canada

5. 1991 Unreliable airspeed.  Anchorage, Alaska.  Commuter Aircraft, Single pilot IFR in IMC conditions.

6.  1992 Landing gear failure resulting in belly landing.  Kenai, Alaska.  Commuter Aircraft,  IMC conditions.

7. 1994 Loss of thrust in both engines due to incorrect maintenance procedures.  Shorts Skyvan.  KI Sawyer AF Base.  

8. 1999 Loss of horizontal control due to failed trim cable system.  Cessna C550.  Minneapolis, MN

9. 2005 Un-contained Engine failure in Airbus at Guangzhou, China.

10. 2019 Bird Strike with resulting loss of instrumentation in Boeing 747 at  San Fransisco, California.